Anyone know about this mouse script?

Im talking about the one that is used in the “walkthrough” demo which is here:

I would like to use this mouse script because the movement is so fluid as compared to other mouse scripts that I have used so far.

It would be even better if I could get a .blend file of this walkthrough, so if anyone knows where to get that or how to convert a standalone back to a .blend file it would really help.


download this:

the viewer/player script alone ( but don’t work very well in the 2.37 2.40 )

Actually it doesnt work at all. Im using 2.37a and all I get when I open that file is just one window with a gray background and no buttons whatsoever. Also, nowhere in that tutorial do they tell you how to make the script itself, its just instructions on how to use the template. Why cant they just remake it with the latest version of blender?

Anyway, thank you for trying. If there was any way that you can just give me the mouse script used in that or (even better) a template that works with 2.37, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.

Hello again

you’re a bit lost?!
You’ve asked for the smooth script, well, it’s inside the template file?!

Sure you’ve an empty window. It’s only the player.
But if you build a level around it it works ( but not very well as I said)
Anyway, download those demos:

inside there’s the same script but with a nice radiosity lighted level ( wlaktrough_demo)
It’s old demos, but they work very well with the publisher version

No, I was unclear. It wouldnt let me do a thing, there were no buttons, no screens nothing but a gray window. I thought maybe I pressed p by accident but then when pressing esc it closed everything. I even tryed appending the script text file from it but that didnt work either.

Either way, thank you for the demos, Ill try to extract what I need from them.

if you have a .blend configured to start on open [in the game menu] opening it by double clicking it [as opposed to opening it by hitting f1 after starting blender] will start the game engine