Anyone know England/UK laws?

I know blender is a very global community so I’m asking this here. I was born in England to American Air Force members. I have a UK birth certificate from London that predates my American certificate of birth abroad and I was considered a dual citizen by American law until my 18th birthday. Now under US law I have lost my dual citizenship. My question is, have I also lost my dual citizenship under the laws of England or would i still be considered a citizen if I decided to travel there someday? The laws for this stuff is very different from country to country and I’m getting confused.

hmm not 1005 on this one but Irish and UK laws are similar. I would presume you are classed a UK citizen by birth and that can’t be taken away from you as far as i know

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This might be the place

Seems to be a cut off date for births on or after 1 January 1983.

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Hey, I also have dual citizenship with England and the U.S.! And recently turned 19! I was born in America, but my mother is British, and apparently that’s good enough.

Don’t worry, even though you no longer have dual citizenship in the U.S., (from what I understand) you are still a “dual citizen” in the eyes of the U.K. So you can always apply for a British passport or get a job in London, etc…

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Thanks for the links burrito boy, I was born in 82, so it looks like i fall under the older laws and might actually be a citizen.:slight_smile: I will have to continue researching.

Check it out carefully, but generally the information is straight forward. You may want to consult an immigration lawyer in the UK if you have any initial problems.

AFAIK having a UK passport allows you work access and Right of Abode in almost all of Europe.

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I was under the impression that simply being born here was insufficient to be considered a citizen. The key factor is the nationality of parents…if both yours are American, then you’re an American - are you sure you held dual citizenship in the UK the laws may be different…though I’m no lawyer!