Anyone know how, or made it to run wxPython from Blender?

I know wxWidgets and I want to use wxPython from within Blender. However I am having troubles and doubts, as Blender runs Py3.2 and the latest wxPython is for Py2.6.
On top of that, with Py being bundled in Blender I am not exactly sure where to put the wxPy stuff… well obviously in 2.62/python, but that’s the end of my wisdom :slight_smile:

I think it needs to be compatible with Py 3000…

It seems there’s no wxPy for 3.2 yet. And you’d prolly fail to compile it yourself, for what I gathered on informations, there are some serious dependency issues and some incompatibility.
Too bad.

But it seems they’re “on it”:

That was Sep. 2010 and today I am still unable to find it for Py3. Might have to try and build it myself.