Anyone know how to do this?

This has been a major stumbling block for me ever since I started modelling in Blender. I am looking for a way to quickly create a vertex at the exact point where two specific edges intersect.

For instance, when you create a cylinder, the ends are closed using good old triangles. That’s okay for a basic render, but I may (and often do) wish to subsurf it or bend it using proportional editing. I want to somehow calculate a ‘grid’ of faces across the mesh; either at right-angles (good) or following the contour of the mesh from straight in the centre to curved around the outer edge (better).
If I create edges between each outer vertex and that directly opposite, I have the result that I want. The only problem is - NO VERTICES! I need vertices because if I ‘warp’ the mesh with a proportional edit, the outer edges look correct but the ‘fill’ still remains as straight lines.

Now, it would be possible to create a vertex at each point on the ‘grid’ where two edges meet using the Knife Exact tool. But this would be very time consuming and using this tool is not an exact science. Neither is using the Transform Properties to match the X point of each outer vertex with the Y point of each corresponding one. Vertices can (and invariably are) placed with more granularity than Transform Properties can control.

Does anyone know of a function or script that can do this? Failing that is there a better way? All I want to do is take an irregular shape and close it so that it doesn’t deform beyond recognition when I use proportional editing.

Thanks for reading my post, sorry if it’s a bit wordy.

See this script:


GreyBeard - thank you!

This script does exactly what I need without having to zoom right in on each intersection and knife/exact’ing the edge with varying accuracy. I’m surprised this isn’t built into Blender somewhere.

Cheers mate.