anyone know how to use shaderman?

I had downloaded it a while back but gave up tryin to learn it cause i didnt know how to run i, adn i couldnt find any instructions on how to make it run so could someone please point me in the right direction?

I pulled it down as well. I don’t remember if I could get it to run, I think it needed extra software to run. But it seemed a bit out of date.

I ended up grabbing shader code from here:

yeah if you were using windows you had to download some vision egg thing which i did but i’m still completely dumbfounded about how i’m suppose to get it to work and i just think that it probly doesnt work with the new version of python. but i still wish there was some way to get it to work. is there any other software that can make shaderman code and works without having to download a buttload of other software?


Only works with python 2.x because of the wxpython dependency. Though if you are on windows, why not just use the older shaderman written in Delphi?

Where do i get the older version?