Anyone know if Nvidia Quadros work well with Blender?

As you may know the current consumer Nvidia cards have problems with programs like Blender(OpenGL). And I’m kind of scared to buy an ATI card consumer or not because of their history with Blender. That and I’ve heard they can be buggy with Autodesk programs too.

Would an Nvidia quadro be ok for Blender?. I know they’re usually less powerful than their consumer count parts. But as long as Nvidia Quadros are stable and aren’t buggy with Blender that’s good enough for me :yes:

OS would be Windows by the way.



You could get something cheap from the 2x series from Nvidia and you’d have more than enough drawing power, espeically for sculpting.

Something like a 260, 285, or even 290 if you can get one will be pretty fast, enough for a few million polygons in sculpting mode, and a hundred thousand or so in object mode.

A quadro card in the same price range as a 2x series card will be, more than likely aimed at the 2D segment of the workstation market, meaning it’ll be quite slow when it comes to 3D, and quite out-dated I’d imagine.

I’ve heard recent ATI cards are quite good with Blender though, they show none of the ‘crippled’ symptoms of the Nvidia cards. ATI don’t seem to work well with some AD apps though, I believe it has issues with Maya.

I just installed an XFX ATi 5770 “Single Slot Edition” into this machine the other day for graphics work and Blender usage and its a monster considering the price! I was playing with a subdivided cube before at 3.2 million polys and it was flying, and thats with 4gig of DRR2 (3gig cause I’m on Vista 32bit) and an old Dual Core AMD 5200+

Yeah. I’ve been reading a lot on here of more people recommending ATI cards. Hopefully they’re finally fixing their issues. So us Blenderheads can have more choice.

Another thing, The card I’m looking at is the Quadro 4000 2GB. OR the Quadro 2000 According to benchmarks(Passmark - G3D) they’re not as good as cheaper Nvidia consumer cards. But even if they’re not as fast, Would they still be stable and un-problematic enough with Blender?. I couldn’t find many threads on the subject. But I’d like to be able to use Autodesk programs and Blender. I think Quadros and Firepros are currently the only cards Autodesk is certifying for Maya and 3ds Max 2010. Or at least for Windows.

I’ll have to look into that. See what Autodesk programs they have issues with. I’ve heard about Maya but not much about 3ds Max.

Thanks everybody!

I have a quadro 3800 in my desktop… well that computer is having problems right now but i also have a quadro 2700 in my laptop

i’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences… but i don’t have the time or knowhow to do like benchmarks and all that jazz

if you are useing windows vista or later turning off desktop compisiton fixes alot of problems. right click on what eveer program is having the problem, right click, select properties, click on the compatability tab in the pop up, then check the box next to disable desktop composition. when you close the program aero come right back on so its not a problem, but aero does seem to hijack the graphics and alot of ram/cpu.

by the way i have ati and have no problems with blender. ati seems to be on a trend of improving their drivers while nvidia are on a trend of intentionally restricting them.