Anyone know if retopo has been reimplemented yet?

I’m trying out the new beta of blender 2.5 and I kind of hoped that retopo would be back by now. Has it been brought back yet and I cant find it or is it still on the way?

This has been covered many times in the forums so a search should show plenty of info. Retopo is not implemented as in 2.49. Use the snap tools with face selection and/or the Surface Sketch addon (add via user preferences / Add-ons)

Having gone back and re-tested it seems that the snap tool has been improved since the alpha releases. It remains though that you cannot [Ctrl]+[Click] out geometry along a surface. Is there any way to do this? A setting I’m missing or something? [Ctrl]+[Click] is in general the principal method of adding geometry when retopolising a mesh so not being able to do that is a bit of a downer…