Anyone know of a good file host?

Some of you might have noticed the seven or eight threads relating to the N00bs UNITE!: Super Blender Monkey Game Project thingy. Well, believe it or not we have actually gotten somewhere with it, and in fact the sound team are now finished:D
I’m just looking for somewhere to put our files so the programming team can access them. The problem is, all the hosts I’ve tried either need you to log in to download files or have a limit per file upload - most only accept up to 10mb, and the file’s 10.3mb:rolleyes::no:
I’ve also tried, but it took almost 20 hours to get to 50%:eek:
Can anyone help?



100MB, has no ads, allows direct downloads.

Much better than any filehost I’v ever used, and much faster too. It’s part of google after all.

Thanks for your replies:)
I went with sendspace in the end, the automatic emailing feature means I’ve already sent the link without having to find the url myself:D
Social: I’ve tried that one for website hosting as well before, but I need a Gmail account, which I can’t sign up for. They use a method where they send you a text and you have to reply to activate the account, but you have to be in one of the countries they list, and it’s not available in the UK yet:(
Thanks for the link though. That’ll be cool once they’ve got more countries on the list:yes:

why can’t you sign up for gmail? You don’t have to have an invitation anymore or the mobile phone thing.

1GB free, Really Good!

Also i don’t think i have seen any ads yet!

You can upload up to 100MB at a time (ZIP/RAR files are limited to 50MB)

Eggdisk is nice.
You should be able to sign up for Gmail.The invitation requirement thing was just lifted a few days ago.

$1 for a year of hosting. Even if it’s shitty, it’s still worth $1.

5GB file size limit!

There are some packages that you have to pay for but you can use it for free most of the time.