Anyone know of any full body mocap software?

Anyone know of any body mocap software?

I’d like something I can use to motion capture both my body and face because I’m not sure how to do both for the same armature in blender. I seen a few, but no programs that does both. Does anyone know of any that I can use and prehaps export the file for use in blender? OR a tutorial to combine the motion capture face and body data and export it as one file for a game I’m making in unity? Blender does not have Html5 exporting as far as i know sadly. Any help Is apprecatied, thank you for your time everyone. :smiley:

I want to know of a way to apply motion capture data of a face and body to a model in blender. Does anyone know how to make this happen? I would like to hear from you. A turtiol or something would help greatly.

There is a free program that a person did develop using the X Box 360 Version 1 Kinect camera for full body motion capture. Find it here in the forums itself. As for the facial motion capture software, none exist unless you are willing to pay.

There’s lots of them with a quick Google search , but unfortunately , not one is free.

Couldn’t find any tutorials on combining.

you can do 2d facial capture within blender, there are a couple of youtube videos, record video of your face, place it in the sequencer, and use motion tracking, good resolution and lighting and it works quite well, use drivers to drive bones or shape keys. based on that you could setup 2 cameras one front on, second side on and use one for x,z driver and the other for y driver for each bone, sync them in sequencer and apply tracking and drivers.
example/tutorial, this one deals with the mocap bit, advisable to what the series,
doing a full body should only require setting up a second track for the x or y position of bones, or driving shapekeys.

I did the facial setup and it was ok, but found it easier to use Manuel Bastioni’s facial setup(the phoneme keys are perfect) with papagayo lipscync for facial, very quick once setup.

Mangled a mixamo body on to use their free animations, but not happy with the result so the mocap might be worth looking at just for body.

There was a project funded by AMD and Mixamo, using standard camera, open source and free. but just looking at their page, i see, Adobe seems have buy Mixamo, and the motion capture seems have disapear…

Now, if it is not for a paid project ( meaning it is only for you ), Autodesk software are free (create an account, use student 3 year licence )

This was the one from the forums I was talking about.

I meant body and face mocap, not sepratly. I want it all to be able to be done all in one shoot. Body and face, face and body motion capture, with one video. So I can wave hi and smile and that is what the blender character would do. Face and body mocap, all in one. Does anyone know of that? Because all these results are are for body and face mocap sepratly. I did find a free solution for sepratley, but I was hoping for something better. Here’s a link for body and face mocap that can be applied to the same model sepratly, then later combined. All for free. Is there a turtoil for that then? Here’s link for body and face mocap that is seprate and being the exact opposite of what I wanted in the first place. But just in case someone else was wondering:

Would all that work? can someone please post a tutorial video about that?

That and joinging the armitures and re-assingn the actions in the NLA window could work by combining the face and body mo cap parts. Which what was I was asking about in the first place. If anyone knows of a simpler way or program that can do it. I would like to hear from you. Or if someone had a tutorial of anything In this post that would be great to read. Can someone please post a link to such? Thank you for your time and effort everyone. And good luck out there in the world of blender.

Here’s the thing. Unless you are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars on a method using Full Body Motion Capture software(Facial and body) combined, you are out of luck. Even most animators deal with each part separately. I suggest that you deal with the body motions first and then deal with the facial motion capture later. As this time, I don’t think that method has been achieved or released with open source software.