Anyone Know The Settings Name For SimpleDeform FACTOR?

Hi All,

I am working on a scriptlink to try and animate the factor value of the SimpleDeform modifier. You can apply this script link to any object and (eventually) animate an empty to relay the location information from the empty to the FACTOR value of the SimpleDeform modifier. Currently I have the FACTOR value fixed at a constant of zero. If I can make it past this naming error, I think I can finish the script.

I have this:

import Blender as B
from Blender import *
# A script link to relay IPO information to the "factor" value of a SimpleDeform modifier.
if B.bylink:
actualFrame = B.Get("curframe")
localObject =
myName =
print myName
ob_mesh = B.Object.Get(myName)
aryModifiers = ob_mesh.modifiers
for tempMod in aryModifiers:
if == 'SimpleDeform': 
factorValue = 0.0
if factorValue > 10.0: factorValue = 10.0
if factorValue < -10.0: factorValue = -10.0 
tempMod[Modifier.Settings.FACTOR] = factorValue

It should work, but the console window thows this error.

Runtime error: unsupported modifier setting

I checked the API here and FACTOR was originally used for Smooth and Cast modifiers.

So I am wondering if someone who is more familiar with the source code could take a look at the SimpleDeform modifier and let me know what the “secrect” setting value is for FACTOR in the SimpleDeform modifier. I have tried guessing, like “SD_FACTOR” and so on to no avail.


the link above shows a patch just created by Jean-michel Sole(and it looks like it was applied by khughes) that I hope will make it into 2.49. The patch looks like it adds python support for simpledeform and shinkwrap!

Oh, did I forget to mention… ALL THE BLENDER DEVs ROCK!!!