Anyone know what this is ?

My friend Beverly at work found this print. I love it. She want’s me to find any info I can about it, but I’m at a loss because there’s not really a signature or any numbers on it anywhere.

Here’s a detail of the thing in the back left, seems like a man near a tree with the naked eye, zoomed in it looks like an ostritch, lol. no clue.

Ths detail is the ‘signature’. Only thing resembling a sig anyway. Either a branch or cypress leaf ?

When I took it out of the frame, there was a postcard there dated August 24, 1915.

If anyone has any clue as to the artist or any other info please let me know, she’ll much appreciate it.

Tried to google for it, no luck so far.
There was really NO text what so ever on it? not even on the back?

really weird.

Anyhoo, I can see the things on the right are sheep, but what is that beast on the left? it looks like a dog?

The signature looks indeed like a leaf and not like a signature, strange place to paint a leaf tho.


It’s a signature, looks to be about late 1800s/early 1900s. The things on the left are dogs. The thing by the tree appears to be a figure, trying to stabalize against the howling gale. No idea who did it, but I’d guess it is English.

Can’t really say who’s work this is, but those dogs are sheep dogs, terriers, if i am not mistaken.

Nice, atmospheric imge. Gotta look into it.

Try looking for collectible-related forums, that might help…
the figure looks like a hooded lady grabing the tree…

Could you scan a color version from the signature, if that is what is it? maybe it could be “washed” with some trick.

I know this painting. It was in a boat I once had. Don’t know the artist (pretty sure it’s a Welsh name that starts with a K) but it’s called ‘The Tempest’ or ‘The wreck’ or something like that. The thing in the background is the mast of a shipwreck and the dogs and sheep are still in the water on the beach. I’ll search and see if I can find it. What you’re seeing is only part of the painting. The ‘signature’ is seaweed. In the original there was more of it and you could see the whole mast.


Found it, but it’s not the same one I had though it seems it is the one you posted.


Wow! Thanks Fligh% !!

wow, we have a detective among the blender users!.. a job well done Fligh % :slight_smile:

that is freaking incredible :smiley:

anyone have a lost painting of Van gogh laying around? :slight_smile:


hmm now you say so… whats the fucking picture on the wall?
ah crap, its a gaugin. shit no van gogh. mmm i´d better throw it away then:P