Anyone know why hair isn’t rendering in cycles

I’m trying to see the render differences in Cycles and Eevee. I made a model. She has hair on her head in Eevee, but not in cycles. In cycles, she only has hair on her brows and eyelashes.

My cristall ball tells me, there is something wrong with the particle settings or the material.

Could you please share your file.

Um… No. I’ve worked way too hard on her. I cant put her online prematurely. Someone could steal. But, here’s her brother. His hair doesn’t work in cycles either.

1: cycle render was in pause mode
2: Diameter Scale is a multiplier for Diameter Root and Tip. It is set at 0 in your file.
If you set it up non-zero, your hairs should appear.

Advice about the file, you don’t need to share everything like that. All the building/light could be removed, as well as the non-problematic hair systems. It would make the file faster to download/work with for debugging. And It makes harder to steal if you do not want to share/show the whole thing.

Ahhhh! The diameter/radius scale was my problem. The other stuff I guess I forgot to turn on before I posted the project. Thank you

I did not quite understand your advice in the end.

You just need to upload a part that show the problem. In this case, all the building parts were not needed.

A simple cut off head would have done the trick.

Okay. I think I get it.