Anyone know why some hair is blurry?

When i render a small section of hair looks blurry. Know what causes this?

I assume it is a matter of the shader. This section seems to be mostly occluded, and probably reaching little directed light. Then the hair shader tends produce a ‘muddy’ kind of look. Or do you have denoising enabled, that can explain it, too. Is it the old hair shader? The principled one might do a better job.

It’s just a diffuse shader. I couldn’t get the look i was going for with the hair shaders. I’ll try them again tho. I didn’t check if denoising was on, I’ll give that a go. Thanks!

Ah, okay, plain diffuse explains it. I would suggest to play around more with the principled hair shader. If you do not want glossy looks, leave Coat at zero and increase the roughness values.