anyone knows how to recreate this effect/video edit?

hello there, anyone happens to know how to do this car hitchhike?
any tutorials to point out? im guessing its just video editting, but im having trouble finding a tutorial.
Only results come up with car jumps etc…
a link with a tutorial would be really appreciated.

Idk but it’s cool!

I have no idea how they actually did it, but here’s a possibility.

There’s a cut on frame 62. There’s a leap in the pan speed, the driver’s hand appears, and the jumper’s right wrist changes angle suddenly. To sell the effect and cover the cut, they painted him back in for a few frames afterwards–the images of him here are blurred much more than the car, or any other images of him. From frame 66 on it’s probably unedited, but the guy starts with his foot on the window and pulls it down quickly to help sell the effect.

Simply film the car going by twice, once with him in, and once without. The trick with that would be matching the motion. I stabilized the footage without getting any distortion, so I think they added the camera shake and pan in post on the first clip. The big pan, after the frame 62 cut, is probably done for real, of course.

To get him jumping, set up a green screen and have the guy jump into the road where the car would be. (it’s possible a green screen wasn’t used, but they simply rotoscoped him over the car for the ~10 frames). Overlay him jumping onto the clip without him in the car. You can see a faint outline on the inner side of his left leg, and on frame 60, his foot is blurry, but its outline is not, which are artifacts from change his background. This shot would be from the same angle as the shot of the car without him in it, locked onto a tripod–the shaky cam and pan is added after compositing them together.