Anyone made an android game?

I am looking at making a game in Blender for release on android. Is there anyone who has been successfull at doing this. I am interested in finding out what different processes there are.

I really want to stay in Blender as much as possible without jumping to other engines.

I managed to get a small blend working on my android tablet. I suggest looking up the android blenderplayer.

I did look at the blender player(maybe not hard enough), but I didnt find any major amount of documentation talking about getting apks from it.

Don’t use bge for any form of mobile development, since it doesn’t officially (nor barely unofficially) support mobile. Instead, use it to model, then export to another engine (something like Unity or Godot or libGDX etc.).

I have used Godot before, and think it’s great, but I am not a very good coder, so I really like using Blender logic bricks. Is there any advice on how to progress.

Learn to program?
All games require it at some stage, or at least could be simplified or made better by using it.

Making BGE project work properly on Android takes far more programming skills and other forms of effort than some other engines that natively port to the platform so you shouldn’t try it just because you think it would be easier.

First of all, please limit yourself to one thread per topic. (Please note that I am saying this because I am a forum moderator.)

Second, as others have said, there is no “easy” way to do this if you don’t know anything about programming and are not willing to learn.

You say you want to “stay in Blender as much as possible”. It is not really possible to stay in Blender for 100% of the process. The closest you can get is GameKit (as I mentioned in your other thread on this same topic). It is not hard to figure out how to publish to Android and iOS with GameKit if you are willing to read the available documents and commit to making it through the process.

I have seen a few nice projects made with GameKit, but they are hard to find (and I did not bookmark it would seem). Here is one nice Blender-made game running on android with GameKit:

Thanks everyone for your replies.

Sorry for the double thread.

I have spent the past couple of months going through code acadamy learning python, and a currently at 70%. As an absolute beginner to coding, I have found code acadamy to not be very explanative about some aspects of whats needed to get through the course.

Could anyone recommend some places to look at that have helped them with regard to python.

I would definetly be interested in GameKit, I will look for info on it. If anyone else have info they find especially usefull, I would love to see it.

Thanks again for the replies.

I have used a free resource.

I think if I recall it’s based on python2 but there is not too many differences (at least for me).

Also this book:

isn’t too bad. (I find most books like this quite dull).

This is also a good book for beginners learning python:

Open text editor, do templetes game logic simple

Progress from here