Anyone one else get a craving for a KFC when BartV is around?

Sorry Colonel, just trying to cause a laugh, even if it is just for me :wink:

Sorry for putting it in the wrong forum

Can’t say that I do. Then again last I checked we didn’t have KFC here.

Edit: apparently we do now, since 2019.

I’m really puzzled by this…

I think he’s referring to your profile image compared to this


Glasses. Beard. Hair. That’s about it. Smiling maybe? Orange is kinda like red? Who knows?


Sorry it must just be me. When it is so small it does resemble that to me in my peripheral vision, plus I’m hungry.

I would like to mark your post as the solution. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Ha, ya do it. Feel free to delete this thread too and forget this conversation ever happened. Sorry for the confusing Bart

Yo! Bart’s avatar rocks imho…HOMES down widit like bernie :star_struck:

Hahaha, love it!

Haha, I never thought of that :wink: (Also KFC is not very popular around here)

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That’s my naivety, I thought they had conquered the world already.