Anyone Play EVE Online?

Just asking, as they’ve released a linux client, which is basically a wine wrapper implemented by those cedega dudes. But it works, nonetheless.

Anyway, I’m currently on the 14 day trial, and it’s kinda different as far as MMOs go.

Been playing for 2 months now (windows). I like it very much and i cant wait for the zomgshiny new graphics engine :slight_smile:

blah…eve ok, yea, but they have some serious scale problems…and some things they could fix…
its a good game but could be better.

played it in the past and will check out out again now, i guess… :smiley:

its a great game! :slight_smile:

wat game is it? dont be lazy and check it out :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree they have awful scale problems, but its mostly because of the current low resolution texturing of most objects (which will be addressed in part by the new engine). Meaning: A small ship, a big space station and a gigantic planet all have the same texture resolution. So even if the geometry has the correct scale (and i believe it does) the texturing makes everything look like it has a size similar to your reference (the ship).

But when you see it moving in high speed you can truly see the scale (you don’t see the textures anyway, it moves too fast :p)

I’ve played it a fair amount. But I stopped because it’s rather a boring game. Sure it’s huge, and complex, and I love that, but I find that 90% of the time I don’t have 3 hours a night to blow on the game. So now I play City of Heroes most of the time. It’s fast paced, and great for a casual gamer.

back when i played it more, i actually had blender opened in the backround and when traveling bigger distances i just blendered away… :wink: this way it was alot of fun… :smiley:


a game for only 30$!!!

THen 20$ per month just to play it.

Sounds like a sucker game to me, I dont care how good the gameplay is, I could not bear to be taxed 20$ a month to use something I already own.

My buddy was telling me how cool world of warcraft was… but after sitting down and doing the math we found out that he could have bought a new computer with all the money he wasted. He quit paying, and playing after that.

There are a few new games out there that do not require a monthly fee, like Fate, or guild wars series. There are even some free ones out there that only make you pay to buy certain items.

Yeh, I’m not sure if I would continue with a subscription. Maybe for a month I could try it out. is $20 for the first month, and something like 15$ per month after that. Less if you pay per 3 months. And it’s like 11$ a month if you pay per year.

One thing to note in what you pay for is the maintenance of the servers, as well as updates. There’ve been about 5 major updates or expansions to the game, which they don’t make you pay extra for.

Anyway it’s an interesting mmo. There’s a Star Trek one coming out soon though, not sure what that’ll be like. I’m kind of fan of space based games.

guild wars series

even though i am not a big fan of fantasy, i feel it is my duty to say: WOOOT YEAH! GUILDWARS! :smiley:

yeh, for good gvg theres nothing like Guild Wars :slight_smile:

but corporation wars can be awesome too! :wink:

is it like age of empires but with rocket shipz?

I call EVE and interactive screensaver… then again, the economic simulation is really good. Still, nothing close to the adrenaline rush I was hoping for, as I was expecting playability like wing commander or freespaceII (not descent, the other one).

It’s closer to Elite or Homeworld Rankn, but still quite different, as you as a player only operate a single ship, rather than commanding multiple ships.

They’ve got this big graphics update going at the moment, which should be pretty interesting.

Anyway, you’ve gotta give them credit for officially supporting Linux (even though it only utilises cedega’s implementation of wine). It’s the only major MMO to do so.

It’s just a pity that I can’t pay in USD - would be cheaper. The euro price is the same number as the usd price. But I think I’ll subscribe for a little while, to see if I like it. Also from what I’ve experienced in the trial, the people who play are different from your run-of-the-mill mmo players.

Mmph, I understand where you’re coming from - normally I wouldn’t pay for a game subscription. But the thing is, it’s more expensive to buy one new CD every month than to subscribe. Or to see a movie or two, or to eat out rather than cook at home. Everything is relative in the end :wink:

I played it a month or two ago. Currently I’m taking a break from it, but you should know that the Premium update will hose your computer if you are running Windows XP.

Linkage to the madness.

For once im glad i have Vista :smiley:

Hmm. I think I’ve decided to not subscribe. Reason being that it’s a very common practice for players to use alternate accounts (a second paying account) where they have a second char, which they often log at the same time, and use for many things.

I don’t like that idea, as in most MMOs that sort of thing is seen as having an unfair advantage, and is bannable. Whereas in EVE, having an alt is even encouraged by the developers, as they make more money of course. So, while it’s a great game, I won’t play it simply because of that :frowning:

People do that just for mining. Its impossible to fight with two accounts at once :spin: So it doesn’t have much of an impact on gameplay, but it does on the in-game finances though.

Anyway i dont like that idea either but i just play with my one account and let the other do their shady business. It just gets a bit confusing with all the character names for one player lol