Anyone played a game of pool?

Because I played pool yesterday for my first real game and I wasn’t really good. I asked questions like “how do I hold the cue?” and “do I have to hit this ball?”

I even knocked two balls off of the table and jumped the ball quite a few times even though I made three skill shots by accident.

I had my second game today against my brother and went from beginner to beating him which proved I was getting the hang of it.

Is there anybody playing or have played pool here?

I love pool. Played all the time back at Sussex County Community College, NJ. Since I’ve moved up here to NY, I havn’t found a new place to play.

9 Ball is fun, but 8 Ball is the best.


Used to play all the time in college, but my cue has been gathering dust for more than a few years now. I still get out every now and then and shoot a few rounds of eight ball or rotation with friends.

I play pool as much as I can, but there’s really no pool tables near where I live, nor any room to put one if we got one.

i play pool on ocation there is a place with fair prices just across the street

I play pool sometimes, there’s a pool table at Village Home, and I go there for classes. But I have lots of spare time.

We used to have a pool table. Once you really learn how to handle the cue stick it gets fun. It’s all about physics and about hitting the cue ball properly so that you can knock the others around.

It’s not easy at first. Patience, persistence and practice are the keys.

Have you ever played Underwater Pool? Now that’s a challenge.

Seriously, if I was going to play a cue and ball based game, I’d play a game of Snooker - a much more civilised game compared to pool :stuck_out_tongue:


If you play a bit of snooker, then go back to a pool table, it becomes too easy - you just can’t miss. That’s when the fun of taking on ridiculous shots comes in!



All my relative and I play pool when ever we have a family get together at their house. I often win at least $20. I love eightball!

ugh…american pool. So much easier in Britain.

That was the problem in my first game, I didn’t hit the cueball properly, I always caused it to jump and in some cases went off the table or jumped over the ball I was trying to hit.

No pool, but snooker for me. Someone mentioned it’s more civilised…it definitely is :smiley:

But it’s a lot harder for bloody beginners like me. It’s really weird, sometimes I don’t hit anything for a while and then I get a few points in a row…I definitely need to train more.

Hey, now your really talking. I play competition pool two nights a week.
It is a great game. I play 8 ball in two teams. I have done so for about 10 years now. Many trophies above the fireplace. I even beat a man called Eddie Charlton once. He was a legend in Australian 8 ball and it was a honor to play him. Once you get the hang of it, it’s loads of fun.
High School geometry, real world physics. Loads of great angles & fun.
Keep youself fairly low to the table and the Cue, chin and elbow should be quite well aligned. Cue should be fairly level with the table. Any greater angle than 25 deg can cause the cue to jump the white ball. Also sounds like you were hitting it too hard! No Need.
Aim middle of the white ball for most shots.
Also think of the white ball as a old clock, play slightly (1cm radius from middle) towards 6:00 for backspin, slightly towards 12:00 for top spin.
3:00 & 9:00 can produce some interesting results also.
Did I mention that I love Pool. oh OK I’ll go now:D

why did my post get deleted?
I was dead serious, is what CD needs…

A great insight I received once from a friend I used to play eight ball with was that “pool is more than just putting balls in pockets”. After getting the basics
down, a whole new set of aspects to the game become available. It’s interesting when you can actually “psych” your opponent. There are lots of fun things that can be done, from idle conversation or chalking your cue ( just within peripheral vision of your opponent) to getting them rippingly drunk. Fun game!

I rather play snooker than pool as pool is a quick game and doesn’t take long to play.

I don’t like pool or bowling.

I have spent some time on them, but video games are alot more fun.

I used to play pool a lot in University. Don’t play it anymore. My performance is better during the first 2 games and then it plummets. Snooker is interesting but harder. Nowadays though, I prefer snowboarding; more adrenaline rush than trying to poke a white ball with a stick :slight_smile: