Anyone remember TRON?

%0 people ive shown this too so far… and nobody even knew what TRON was… was rather embarasing… hopefully here ill find some older people that KNOW what these are and can give honest opinions on it.

THe image is located at my Deviant Art site under “recent aditions” at the left… click the image for a larger desktop variation.

Very nice image, DragonFyre! Very clean and gives a good feeling of the original. .:[email protected]:. was doing a lightcycle work (here) but it was based on the video game… more recognizable for the younger audience.

Voted for the Assault Tank! Go for it!

(PS: loved Tron. Should be “required viewing” for anyone entering/attempting CG! :slight_smile: )

Well, I’ll throw in a vote for “I remember Tron!”. I see you think that makes you feel old but did I just read your info on that sight that said you are 27? I’ve got you by more than a decade my young padiwan!! :smiley:

Loved the picture - I had not thought about that movie in years!

Ouh…well…TRON…i remember (its a long time ago…^^) when i watch the movie for the very first time…i thought…ohh what a crap…but after a while i began to love this movie. I’mean the sound is badly, the colors are funky and the effects are…^^…you know what i mean.
But the this movie rockz…Anyone who didn’t watch it before, get it and watch it. Its worth watching it, isn’t it?

lol…ive seen tron in its origional release in theatres/drive in… back before they had stereo…lol… i remember seeing et at the drive in… as well as the first release of the origional star wars… im currently 28 now… which compared to most these kids… and the speed technology has advanced… i am old… especialyl when i start talking about the “good ol atari days” >.<

Aren’t they currently filming a Tron sequel? I remember Tron well.

your 1 decade and 6 years older then me and i’ve seen tron!

no sequal is even planned more or less in the works… they did manage out for the pc and xbox a sequal game… tron 2.0 never playerd either though.

Yeah I do: TRON = TRace ON, a debugging command in ye olde days o’ computin :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: So gramps tells me :wink:

Let’s not forget this piece of Blender Game excellence!!
So of course, I voted for the tank…

A recognizer would be too easy. :smiley:

Go for the tank!

Nice 'cycle drawing, and sorry to hear about the GF.

im prolly going to do both… and the recognizer would be to easy for YOU… im just NOW learning about uv mapping >.<

PS… i did some nosing around for reference material… i cant find ANY external pix of the uplink tower the old man guards when tron contacts his user… and i need some background scenery… anyone got any pix of that building??

PSS while looking for reference images… i DID find that they ARE looking into a tron movie sequal… but a script hasent even been STARTED yet… its at the moment… just a thoughtfull idea from disney… meaning it could be anywhere from never happening… to 10 years down the line… but they ARE thinking about it.

The image at my DA site has been reloaded… the origional light cycle is still listed… but the “newest” image is a colage desktop of all the best of tron … that i can fit in one screen… [pixelation of the lines around the recognizers feet and the windows of the cycles was NOT is the origional rendere and happened after the text was added in photoshop despite the 100% format save in both programs… i can only suspect that saving both times in jpg format caused enough image data loss to cause the problem… im currently looking into the matter.

2 cycles from earlier model… subserf lowered to drop polys from 998,000 to 115,000

Recognizer which peple claimed was too easy… wireframe took 2 hours… learning uv mapping and unwrapping… then getting all the line textures to look right… next 2 days >.<

MCP… not as detailed as it COULD be… aka the face inside… and the seats listed in the movie are not there… but thats inside and unseen… all the outside parts are EXACTLY to reference images taken from the disney tron page.

Solar Sailer… the ONLY thing missing from this model is the stairs to the main platform which was left as a ramp to keep the polys down… and some uv mapping of the engine which neither could be seen from this images distance… and can easilyl be later added if the model is used for other closer images. .but the rest of the model is as it should be acording to reference images… all the way down to the banister railings.

Tank… work in progress… planning on starting the model today or tommorow… and am confident i can do it now that i did the recognizer first and learned uv mapping… im also having a bit of laps in ideas as to WHERE to put it >.< im thinking either right in the middle with the cycles racing around it… or creating an angled platform on the right side for it to be firing at the cycles from. opinions appreciated.

Other thoughts and ideas would be loved… just dont ask for sarks carrier… its a red outline just as the recognizer is and woud class with all the red lines already in the image.

Ah, Tron! Its actually one of my favorite movies. I’m 34, so I was a teen when it came out (granted, an early teen). That and Black Hole are the two Disney Sci-Fi pics of my childhood outside of Star Wars, of course. I actually liked Battlestar Galactica too. Never watched the Alien movies till I was older though.

Good job on the Tron stuff, though.

i love tron, got it on dvd (the menu is rubbish), from the days when disney occasionaly made good movies, not that i remember those days, im 22. i vote you make tron holding his frisbee thing (although i do love it, it’s been a while since i’ve watched it) up in the beam of light

lol… i cant render humans to save my life >.< the ONLY organic thing ive done is a dragon head from modrons lizard tut and that took me 5 months to get to even liking how it turned out >.<

and fro the distance from the mcp… yould never see tron in the thing any ways…lol… it woul dbe possible for a future image… but i want to finish this one now.

hehe, yea I was going to point that out but you beet me too it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice render. I have never seen the movie, but the game is a lot of fun. Keep up the nice work.