Anyone running Modular xorg and a Wacom?

I’d like to know, Gentoo wiki says support is broken, and one person has commented that it isn’t.

Anyone got any experience of this one way or the other?

I need to know I will be able to use my Wacom still if I move to xorg 7 and the wonderousness of XGL!


I just set up modular X this weekend. My Intuos3 seems to work just fine.

i am using xorg 7, and wacom works just fine.
but, I am not using any of those XGL things, so dont know about those.


Well I took the plunge and did it, and the Wacom pointer works, although pressure sensitivity seems gone, but I’ll sort that. XGL is rather nice too, lots of fancy and useful features in the compiz WM and few niggles (there are some, but that is to be expected from alpha software!).

Thanks for the replies guys.


EDIT: at second look The wacom pressure sensitivity works fine in Modular Xorg, but with XGL it doesn’t. Hmmm…

Solution: don’t use XGL. :smiley: I haven’t tried it out… but I don’t really intend on trying it, either.

Heh, looks like that might be the case. There are some wonderful things with compiz and XGL (the expose style window sorter and the pointless but gorgeous water plugin that allows you to have the mouse pointer leave interacting ripples behind on the screen, or causes rain like ripples as though the screen were a puddle), but the drawbacks are starting to tell:

No Wacom pressure sensitivity.
Mucks up the picture in TvTime
Can only use compiz WM which currently is without window rollup (shading), although that is coming)

And the two that have just tipped the balance:

Blender doesn’t work (black screen)
Uses about 230MB more memory than normal X and enlightenment. (Could shave some off with les plugins - but that would defeat the point!)

I love it, but it isn’t ready yet. I’ll keep it around for occasional forays into the land where everything looks nice, but quite a few things won’t work.