Anyone seen crazy Japanese videos?

Like this

And this

There’s also been a video I’ve seen of a water bottle jetpack and other crazy things.

So do you enjoy watching what crazy stuff the Japanese come up with?


It stopped at ten seconds!!

I’ve been having trouble downloading stuff from youtube…

EDIT: I just refershed and let it download before it started playing and that seems to have solved the problem…

w00t…cool video!

But WHERE have I heard that theme before?!

sorry icoxo but I think this belongs in “wind-up chicken newsfeeds”

U know that have been debunked by the mythbuster right?

I just saw that vid of the jap water jetpack and the center of gravity (even accounting for the unusually long propulsion by the pack) seems really off (fake) when he shot off the platform. - includes Cyborg’s second link, along with a heap of other clips from the same show.

Man, those are incredible!

That little tune the Japanese girl keeped singing though just about drove me nuts!

jetpacks are real, and they don’t use water, they used highly compressed hydrogen. that VIDEO has been debunked but the device is real and looks like that when they take off. there are only about 10 guys in the world who have ever flown one and they cost something like $200,000

Here it is again Pidocoat suiti

and again Pidocoat suiti

Somehow I like that stupid little phrase

Pitagora Suicchi

It’s the name of the show, and it says so right there in the title of the clip…

It’s a transliteration into Japanese of “Pythagorean Switch”, being the name of the show. (Well, technically it’s a transliteration into Roman of 「ピタゴラスイッチ」, which is a transliteration into Katakana of “Pythagorean Switch”, but that doesn’t matter.)

Read it, and it seems it has a point of what makes Japanese children so smart in stuff like technology, there’s more technical, technology and quirky creative stuff then American children shows. (like the snap stick anime and todays robot corners)