Anyone seen K3d lately?

(overextrude) #1

I thought it had disappeared into the ether, but apparently, its development is moving along. It’s only at .2beta, but it has a LOT of functionality, and of particular interest is how it handles tutorials, as well as its undo/redo facility. Maybe some good ideas there with respect to how Blender might approach some of these issues.

You can download it at

(Cessen) #2

Although K-3D does have some “up’s” (such as extensibility), it also has some downs(namely, the UI is awkward and slow to use).
In short, K-3D sacrifices a good deal of usability for extensibility.

Ideally, a 3D app’ should be both very usable and very extensible. Of course, designing such an app’ is easier said than done :slight_smile:

(overextrude) #3

I agree K3d definitely has some UI deficiencies (as does Blender), but I did want to emphasize the two things I thought were rather unique - the macro record/playback (for tutorials), and the undo/redo. There’s also something else - the fact that you can actively edit an animiation while its playing (I haven’t tried, but can you change the position/slope of an IKA curve while an animation is playing?)

(saluk) #4

In blender you can record the mouse movements to an ipo while its playing. Not quite the same thing…