Anyone selling their models at

I currently have some of my models for sale at I have been trying to get my royalty payments out of them since January this year without success. Numerous emails and “tickets” have been opened trying to get some response but they are going unanswered. Wondering if anyone else has had dealings with this brokerage site; and also a warning to anyone thinking of selling their models at this site be warned that you may find yourself in the same situation as I am in and not have your royalties paid.

After taking a quick look at what they are offeringand theprices they are charging, I suspect their start up funding is running out and they are having trouble paying the rent. If they owe you enough to make it worthwhile, I’d suggest a sternly worded letter from your lawyer.

I noticed the same thing last year, I have a handful of models on there. I got an email that one of my products sold, and then I tried to log in, but could not. I tried contacting customer service, no response.

They worked fine for a few years, but I think they changed ownership and somewhere in the transition they broke the login system. I’ve written it off as a loss at this point, but I had very little of value on their system.

Hope it works out for you!