Anyone sick of the Parent-to-Bone option missing?

I suppose this is to see how many people are clamoring for the return of parenting objects to bones. The new armature system is great, but the lack of this feature really kills a lot of possibilities that were easy before.

You can still do it, but you now need to be in pose mode to make a bone a parent. I was missing it as well, until I asked the same question.

Really? 'Cause over in the GE forum, everyone says it’s impossible.

I’ve managed it, try it for yourself.

parent to bone is there but you have to be in pose or edit mode i cant remember

and parent to bone dosn’t work in-game that’s why it’s impossible

yes, the parent to bone feature is still there, but there seems to be some performance issues, at least for me. I have a downloadable example.

it did in 2.37 [albeit with a frame or two lag]