Anyone successfully built Blender on OSX with OpenMP enabled clang?

I built clang with OpenMP support and assigned it as a compiler in the CMake front end, it still fails to build as soon as it gets to:

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
  "_omp_get_max_threads", referenced from:
      WTURBULENCE::stepTurbulenceFull(float, float*, float*, float*, unsigned char*) in libbf_intern_smoke.a(WTURBULENCE.o)
      FLUID_3D::step(float, float*) in libbf_intern_smoke.a(FLUID_3D.o)
  "_omp_get_num_threads", referenced from:
      LbmFsgrSolver::mainLoop(int) in libbf_intern_elbeem.a(solver_main.o)
      LbmFsgrSolver::preinitGrids() in libbf_intern_elbeem.a(solver_main.o)
      LbmFsgrSolver::standingFluidPreinit() in libbf_intern_elbeem.a(solver_main.o)
  "_omp_get_thread_num", referenced from:

It looks to me some libs are missing or something. Any suggestions?

Same thing here,

Any info from anyone?

Any tried this lately?