Anyone tested Blender on Mountain Lion?

Thinking about upgrading. Anyone tested it?



As with all the last few OSX releases I can’t say I’ve seen any noiceable difference in how blender works, or OSX itself really.

me neither, though I’ve broken cmake in regular Lion. need to reinstall Lion I guess and re-up Xcode and Cmake. otherwise blender works nice and GHOST the lib to integrate it with OS I’ve never seen it bug out with blender so far.

Cool! Thanks guys…time for huge backup and fresh install then…

Blender behaves as normal in Mountain Lion. Nothing different here. I am not sure about memory consumption I think ML needs more then SL. However the new iOS additions to OS X are very welcome and finally Apple’s products perfectly sync with Google’s stuff - yah.

If you cant open Blender in Mountain Lion its just because by default, only App store apps and certified ones can be opened . Just go to your preferences and check ‘‘all apps’’. (or what ever it is)
That’s what I had to do but since then… no prob with it.

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