Anyone that DOESN'T have a mobile phone?

Just wondering, cause I still don’t have a mobile phone (perhaps I’m just old fashioned). It’s just that I never needed one.

Last week I saw a group of young kids (about 15 of them) come out of a movie theatre. They all, and I mean all, grabbed their phone.
I was standing close enough to hear that nobody, and I mean nobody, had something usefull to say to the other person.

Ofcourse I’m not saying that if you have one, it’s totally useless. :wink:

They were probably calling each other to talk about the movie they’d just seen. It seems that the ‘younger generation’ has lost the ability to converse with anyone face to face. I don’t use cellphones, don’t have one, don’t want one.

It’s not that I hate technology, in fact quite the opposite. I just think that some technology is somewhat pointless. If I want to talk on the phone, I’ll pick up the phone and use it. If I need to call someone when I’mnot at home then I’ll use a landline whereever I’m at, whether it’s a payphone or an office phone. The way I look at it: I can leave the house to get away from the phone. If I have a cellphone, that simply acts as an electronic leash.

If that makes me an old-fashioned curmudgeon, well, so be it :wink:


no, cel phones are used the same as land lines [us young ones don’t talk about anything new using them], but cel phones have replaced land line phones for that kind of communication [in this generation… though probably more in europe or places where land line phones are prohibitively expensive]

[I’m too lazy to find a good link, but last I heard only about 2 billion people [in the world] have cel phones]

i have a cell phone i got recently, it was over 7 years old when i got it LOL. its obselete.

only got it for one feature… text messaging. i basicly need it to organise meetings and stuff. (and to get my GF to come over LOL)

otherwise i wouldn’t have one.


Unfortunatley, I require one for work, being a sales manager, as I am on the road a fair bit and I need to keep in contact with the office and my customers/sales reps.

It is a necessity for me.


I don’t have one because my parents won’t pay for the service and I don’t feel like paying for it either. But even if I had one I wouldn’t use it that much anyway. If I got one it would just be because it is a cool gadget that I can mess with. :stuck_out_tongue:

cell phone = ball and chain. I can hear it in my head clinking now… I don’t have one.

It drives me nuts when I see bratty little high school kids vaunting their little cell phones around as if they’re something special because their parents were weak enough to give in to their whining.

But yes, I have one. And I pay for it. I don’t have a land line, however.

I have a cell phone as well as my my roomates, we own no home phone lol. I don’t pay for mine, my parents do, thy’re rich and they really respect me these days seeing how I’m involved in charities and the ministry ( I had a chance to become a youth pastor at one time, scarry). My parents are quite proud of me and they have been ubundantly blerssed here lately. The own two bussinesses and are starting up a third which is estimated to bring in about $150,000. They also support another family as well. Sorry I got off track, I’m on some weird medicine cause I’m sick and I’m really happy about Christmas and my family. So I think the Pro’s of have a cell phone would be if your stuck somewhere and ytou need to make a call and there is no phone. you can also store data on them and people can contact you in case of an emergency. The Con’s of it, bills and people that you don’t like calling you.

I got a mobile phone but not because I went out and bought one.

Parents got me it. Infact it still has the £10 voucher that came with it.

I find it useless. I have no intrest in it and dont see the need for it. Most folk only have mobile phones because its fashion.

I dont have a cell phone either for several reasons

1)Its expensive and for me not really worth it even though my parents would pay for it (but they wont because we agree we dont need one. My dad has one for work (he is traveling a lot) and my mom has this obselete phone she never uses in case there is an emergency or carpool problem etc.)

2)If someone needs to contact me, turn on your computer and send me an email or start up msn, chances are that I am most likely on my computer (a bit too often I should say…well thats what happens when you work with Blender :P) or call me on the homephone.

  1. I noticed, as said before that almost every teenager etc have a cell phone now. Its more of a toy and gadget than a really usefull item. Some pay those horribly high fees for games and ring tones and other just play around with colored paper to changed the lights under the keyboard (how much time can waste doing this?).

WEll to sum it up, get a cell phone if you need to talk to a lot of people while on the move (if you are a business man etc) or if you need to be available ( ex: mom with several kids at school that have schedule changes etc).

Finally there is one thing that I despise above all other concerning ring tones is WHEN THAT DARN THINGS STARTS RINGING IN CLASS AND ESPECIALLY DURING AN EXAM ARG…drives you nuts and some try to leave it ring until it stops because they hope no one will know its theirs…and sometimes its the teacher… sigh

Australian mobile phone = Skippy with a notepad in his pouch :).

I got one of those pay as you go ones. There’s no contract and you can get some decent ones quite cheap now. I got one with £10 airtime + built-in camera + bluetooth + GPRS (whatever that is) for £50. I don’t use it much either but as long as you get one with credits that don’t expire, it doesn’t really matter. It’s been very useful when I’ve broken down in my car on the motorway. I don’t know what I’d have done without it.

I’m cell phoneless. Although I should get one, seeing as how I don’t have my licence and need call for rides a lot…

Fade wrote:

Almost had a car accident yesterday as some goose was talking on his phone and started to drive into the middle of the road.

Call me racsist, but I do’nt think Geese should be drivin’. I never supported the idea, they’re stupid, look funny and annoying.

Although i wish i didnt have one, i do.

although its kinda a bit more useful here, because i spend a lot of time away from landlines or payphones, and if im climbing and theres an accident, ill definatley be glad of it :smiley:

Yeah everyone has one lol. There are 4th graders in my sister’s class that have cell phones… there is even a kid in 2nd grade that has one! Sad times… Oh and by the way, I don’t have a cell phone but I actually need one unlike the rich brats lol.

Australian mobile phone = Skippy with a notepad in his pouch :).[/quote]

But i’m from New Zealand.

Australian mobile phone = Skippy with a notepad in his pouch :).[/quote]

But i’m from New Zealand.[/quote]
Fine, kiwi with a post-it on its back then! :wink:


How much is a cell phone were you live?
They’re anything but expensive, at least here.

I have a pre-paid phone, and I can go a whole month with about 5 dollars. If I have a land line, I will use it, but sometimes I not near one,

Over here we have Federal Universities. They’re public and free, usualy there is one on each state, in the capital city. Most students come from other cities and thay rent apartments and don’t have a conventional telephone, most of them have only a cell phone.

There is a phone company that has a service where the $$$ of calls you get on this month, you get in credits to use on the other. Since these students have no other phones, they spend only 10 Reais - about 2,50; 3,00 dollars - that you have to pay every month to keep it working,

Today there are more mobile phones than conventional ones. And people, at least in my city, where everybody has one, learned that having a cell phone means nothing. Nobody leaves them on during classes or other social events.

More evidence that Brazil is 7 1/2 lightyears ahead of the rest of the world.