anyone tried GMAX

(iluvblender) #1


have anyone tried GMAX

there is a free download.

(valarking) #2

i have it. it cant save as anything other than .gmax

(MaceG) #3

But there’s a way to save to .OBJ

(digitalSlav) #4

gmax is a load of trash. the first demo i saw of it in action was for quake 2 i believe and this guy made a level and everything and opened it in quake and ran around in the newly made level to reveal many glitchy faces and the ground kept disappearing. i almost choked on my bowl of cereal it was so funny and airing nation wide the day it debuted haha. if you wanna see what max is like yes - for actual production… haha you be the judge!

(thatbrikwal) #5

really? how do you save to OBJ in gmax? i’ve always wanted to know this…