Anyone try a Geforce GTX 980 with Blender?

I put together a workstation with a GTX 980 and I couldn’t see smoke effects!

Blender also crashed when I hit ‘P’ (play game)

using Blender 2.72b

I probably need to update driver but just thought I’d post this right away. Thanks for any feedback!

Only 2.73 or daily builds of 2.72 are compatible with GTX 970 & 980 as I understand it.

That being said, tried the 2.72 benchmark scene with new build (includes a GTX 970) using 2.73RC and while times were same as others got, I believe the smoke / fog in the scene was missing per your comment. Didn’t really pay any attention to it at the time.


also try out the 2.73 builds of Blender ,they have support for the Geforce 9xx series.

Hi, smoke does not work on GPU at all, only volume materials are working.

CHeer, mib

Do you mean smoke doesn’t work on that specific GPU and that it will work with other GPUs?

No, it is not implemented for GPU at this moment.

Cheers, mib