Anyone up for a Minecraft Parody?

Hello to all you Blender-ers.
To start out, I co-own a small youtube business with my cousin, and we recently hit 2.5K subs. We want to do something special for or viewers, and decided upon a minecraft parody of Castle of Glass by Linkin Park. However, we need an animator. This will be roughly a 3 minute video, with a lot of slice’n’dice action.
We already have the song, and a rough idea of what we want, written down.
We are willing to pay $500 max, but we are kinda flexible. We’ll give annotations, Credits, the full nine yards.
If you are interested, please PM me to let me know you are interested, then upon my response, I’ll request a basic Steve walk test if I like what I see. Give him a sword, backback and boots please. If you are feeling adventurous, go ahead and throw a ghast-ball explosion in there too!
Also, I can supply the song as well as the screenplay to those who are interested.
Anyway, please consider this offer,
-Jeremiah Hoppman

Hello there i would love too help i would be the modeller if you want :slight_smile:

At this point in time, we aren’t assembling a group of people. Only one or two individuals who have extraordinary talent. I’m afraid we aren’t needing simply a modeler. Sorry mate.

I can do like camera movement and stuff if you like… Just not working with rigs :expressionless:

Well then how about a modeller and texturing is it ok :slight_smile:

To the two of you. As stated in my second post, i’m not looking for a fragmented bunch of individuals. I need a singular person (I’d consider a duo team too, if your work is good enough).
But as of right now, I. Do. Not. Want. Specific. Jobs. It takes too much time, and money.
I need generalist.
Thanks for offering though.

please check out my demoreel

I can do the entire animation for you. (models, textures, animation)
Check out my work here.

Yunior, your stuff looks pretty good. please PM me the Walk test as requested.
Tiger, I like the looks of what you have. Again, please to the requested walk animatic from the original post, and PM me the final project.

Walking in place, or walking along a scene?

Tiger, Whatever works. The more elaborate and professional looking the better.

not sure if this is any use to you, but i recently found a piece of software that can convert minecraft saves into .OBJ files to import directly into blender. With each block UV mapped, and with an appropriate material name to go with it. Heres the link -

Ok will do, I’ll try to have something sent to you tomorrow. (I have it rendering right now but It might not finish until tomorrow)

Tiger, sounds good, thanks.

Ok I sent you the walk test via PM.

Also can I get your channel name?

Here is how I’ll make Steve look for the animation.

If you’d like changes made, let me know.

Tiger, here is the channel it will be aired on: (Tutorial Brothers)
Steve looks great. I’ve seen your walk test. Thanks! i’ll get with you as soon as I get a few more walk tests from other candidates.
Thanks for doing this, man!

Ok, hope to do business soon. (if I’m chosen)
also, the best way to contact me is at "[email protected]"


ok ill just remake the post since i could not post the video… anything i have seen so far on this thread has not impressed me, so i think i would be up for the challange to help you out with your video…

i know modeling, rigging, texuring, animating, ligting, simulating (if you want to add skirt, hair, cloak etc.), setting up a plot/set, proper camera movements (no its not just moving a camera… deapth of view has a big impact on this… so good camera positioning is Not ABC) etc.

the only thing i need you to supply me with is music/audio files, soundeffects if that will be used, and the textures if you are going to use a spesific texture. also i remake the textures when i get them so they look more “hand made” and not just copy paste from the game.

also you have to make the set for me. just send me a minecraft file and i can export it into blender.

i also have a short test sample of a character walking if you are interested. this clip was made just to TEST a simulation and how it turned out.