Anyone use Apache? How do I put up a site other than test page?

I just downloaded apache and can go to the website with http://12.34.567.89 where 12.34.567.89 is my IP address. I am a pro at seeing the test page:cool: (with basic information and links to Apache) but I want to add a website. How would I do this? It is actually a folder I want to be able to access on all computers hooked up to internet (example… my pictures so I can go to a friends hose and show them without putting the pictures on flickr or cd)

So, how would I do this?:confused: Thanks in advance for any help!

Take a look at your config file. That is where you set the root folder for your site (or sites).


What about substituting the default page for your own webpage starting off your site and name it index.html?

But if your stumbling at this stage i think maybe some time invested in reading up on it all would be good. :wink:

Good Luck

Actually I can get it set up as Alias where I go to http://ip-address/photos and the /photos/ is My Pictures. It says “403 Forbidden” “You do not have permission to go here yadda yadda…”

How do I give myself (and everyone else) permission to /photos/?

EDIT: Actually now I can get to http://ip-address/photos, but when I click on a file or folder, it says
“404 not found” "the requested url /photos/filename.jpg was not found on the server. How do I add all the sub-files and folders to the server. I don’t want to add each filename under /my pictures/ to the alias list. How do I do this?

EDIT AGAIN: Now I figured it out. I was trying to get to http://ipaddress/photos/ and in the directory, if I have a slash after /photos/ (as I do here) I need one after My Pictures/ (as I do now, I didn’t have that before)

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On Debian Linux, Apache’s ‘DocumentRoot’ is /var/www. If you put a custom index.html in /var/www, it should work.

For that photos thing, again, if you’re using Linux, check your permissions.

If you’re not using Linux…Why not? XoD

EDIT: I’ve just actually taken the time to read. Maybe I was too late.