Anyone use GMAX with XP Pro?

This may be slightly OT, but I’ve been trying to use GMAX to create .X files for a simulation app I’m working on. I found instructions on the net that explains how to install several plugins and files that allow you to do this. Problem is, even though I followed the instructions carefully, it doesn’t work on my system. I get a “MSMXL4.DLL missing” error and the export stops. I contacted one GMAX user (he’s running XP Home) and think I’ve narrowed the problem down: apparently, one DLL (MSMXL4.DLL) is not used by XP Pro, but it is used by XP Home, and the export plugin needs it.

So I’m kinda stuck with GMAX unless someone knows of a fix or workaround? Thanks!


you’ve maked a type error ? It’s msxml4 I guess?

Anyway try here:

and here:;en-us;269238

Or use Linux as I do :slight_smile: