Anyone use these SGI OpenGL with Blender?

(PowerMacG4) #1

Has anyone tried the developement tools for OpenGL with Blender?
I’m not a software tech, but fill me in on how this stuff might work with Blender

(Kid Tripod) #2

i think you need to be thinking in terms of using GLUT and getting your hands on a copy of the IDO (lovely SGI seem to only give the MIPSpro compilers out for stupid amounts of money . . . )

two lovely acronyms i know, GLUT being the cross platform library Blender uses and IDO being the “Integrated Development Option” from SGI which is required to compile stuff which accesses some of the fancy hardware (ie OpenGL/sound/video). thats my understanding. correct me if im wrong (this is where macke is useful . . . )

(blackphoto) #3

Lets open up an openGL forum for those wanting to develop blender.