Anyone used 3d connections 3d mouse?

Just wondering if anyone has used a 3d mouse with blender? I saw the advert banner and had a look around the site and it seems pretty good although a bit pricey

I have a spacenavigator, I use it with Photoshops, autocad, 3ds max.Niw I switched to Blender and in 2.49 it worked very well but it’s nog yet supported in 2.5.
So if you want to use it with 2.5 I’d better wait a bit for the support to make it work.


I use the Space Pilot and after 6 months I couldn’t do without it. I use it with Maya, 3DS Max, and Photoshop. It really speeds up the work flow. Wish I could get it to work with Blender

cool thanks for the info. Just one question though in 2.49 do you have to hold down the shift and ctrl buttons as per normal navigation? Or is it purely by the controller?

Once I was used to the spacenavigator I couldn’t work without it…
The navigation is purely the controller, no need to press any buttons.
Really speeds up your workflow as retaf99 said.

Looks like there is a summer of code project for adding 3D space Navigator in Blender 2.5. But still no testing version, if I’m not wrong.
Also I really hope this will be ready soon.

Hey Blenders,

Newbie here -
Just got Space Navigator, downloaded latest driver from 3dconnexion and it works like a champ in Blender 2.61!

Blender 2.61.0


I have a space navigator too, and for those of you, who use Linux, I suggest to install the spacenavd library:
sudo apt-get install spacenavd
otherwise it wont work.

hope it helps someone,

Native 3D Mouse support has been in Blender since v2.59.

Under Windows, no driver is required, it will use the Windows generic USB HID driver.
This allows you to use nearly ANY USB spacemouse ever built by 3dconnexion, including the ones they no longer support in their official driver. (ie: cheaper on eBay)

As mentioned previously, Linux users will need the open-source spacenavd drivers to use spacemice. That will allow them to use nearly ANY spacemouse built by 3DConnexion/LogiCAD/SpaceTec including the ancient serial devices. (ie: even cheaper on eBay)

MacOS support gets a little complicated. Different versions of the MacOS (Cheetah/Lion/Housecat), different hardware (Intel/PPC), all require slightly different drivers from 3Dconnexion to get them to work. Also, -only- the latest models of spacemice will work under MacOS. (ie: not so cheap)

I have been working with Mike Erwin (the guy writing the 3d support in Blender) to iron out compatibility issues, and then catalog what works where with who on a webpage.

Hope this helps ppl.