Anyone used the XNA Game Studio?

Has anyone used the XNA Game Studio from Microsoft? What is it exactly, the interface doesn’t look as user friendly as Blender?

The ability to make games for the xbox360 sounds cool…but, is it really as easy as it sounds? Blender is the only game engine I know that is truely as easy as it boasts.

im looking at it now

damn. you cant use it with vista… oh well

You must be joking right? XNA is made by microsoft…hello…that means it is compatible with everything microsoft. XNA runs on top of Visual Studio, which runs on windows operating systems, and there’s even an XNA upgrade to make it fully compatible with Vista (minus the inevitable bugs here and there).

I have looked at XNA Game Studio a bit. I am by no means an expert on it, but I think it’s fair to say it’s a little more complicated to use than Blender’s GE. At the same time though, there’s a lot more you can do with it and the graphics can be much better.

As Nikana mentioned, it runs on top of Visual Studio. You do need some basic programming skills to use it. There are a couple of good books out on how to create basic games with it and I there is a growing number of tutorials available from the XNA developer community (just do a little Googling).

Withthe same ammount of effort in game development , you can amke a cross platform game with crystalspace.
If it is cool you can even sell it :smiley:


I assume you need to go somewhere to get a good physics engine if you need it.

I like the Blender GE, has all you need right out of the box, now if only OGRE was fully in.