Anyone using a trackball with Blender?

The ghost of my RSI start showing again and i am looking at the last peripheral i never tried so i just want to know if anyone can share his experience of using blender with a trackball since many say that it solved their RSI issue?

I switch between mouse and a HUGE trackball ( without any major issues.

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Me. I use a Logitech MX Ergo Plus exclusively for all my computering needs.

I’ve yet to experience the horrors of carpal tunnel, but hey, it’s not something I’ll ever have to worry about, since I barely move my wrist at all while swishing my cursor around the screen.


M 570 here, I have kill 2 in past 7 Years, in latest one replace microswitches and give it new life.

Renzatic - did You use M570 ? can You compare with MX ?

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Nope, sorry. The MX Ergo is my first trackball. The only things I can tell you is what I’ve read from the reviews, in that it’s basically an upgraded version of the 570, with a sturdier, less slippery feel, a heavier base, and more buttons to play with.

At work I don’t use a trackball, but I use Evoluent Vertical mouse which helped me seriously out. Apparently it is really awkward to set this one up properly on Linux (no official support) so I haven’t made the switch at home.

Hi Roken,

I was thinking of getting the kensington slimblade here ;

Reviews are excellent on it and you can use it with both hands.

Hi Renzatic,

Thank for the suggestion but i will try to avoid thumb trackball because i heard of a few cases where people develop problem in their thumb articulations.

I would go more for something that can be use by both hand like the Kensington slimblade with the huge ball ;

I got one the first year they where on the market but unfortunately it didn’t solved my wrist problem and the thumb buttons broke shortly after the warranty went off.

I recommend checking out to get a good overview of all the various trackballs on the market.

Considering your biggest concern is aggravating your RSI, you might want to consider a more ergonomic device over an ambidextrous one. Take mine for example. Tilted at an angle, and paired with a nice gel wrist supporter, my hand sits in a neutral resting position, sitting on top of it with my palm cupping the device. It’s about as stressful as laying your hand down on an arm rest.

The Elecom Roken recommended above would probably be your best choice in my opinion, given your concerns with using your thumb. It’s ergonomic, positioning your hand at a tilted rest, has a ton of programmable buttons, and you use your index finger to control the ball.

I stand by the Elecom. I also have a Logitech Trackman (2nd one actually) which is also very comfortable, but poorly made, IMO. The micro switches are prone to failure. Wow - just clocked current prices. I definitely would NOT pay that for it.

Apparently, the low quality microswitches has been fixed with my model trackball.

I’ll see whether it actually has or not. Literally every single mouse I’ve owned ended up being replaced because the LMB went flaky on me after 2-3 years. If my MX lasts about as long, I’ll consider it perfectly normal quality.

I went through 2 in 18 months, which is why I switched to the Elecom, which is still going strong with no sign of failure after 14 months.

For the $85 I spent on it, mine damn well better last longer than that. I’d hate to have to write a sternly worded letter to Logitech.

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I still have one for spares, if things go wrong :slight_smile:

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M570 , Also with solid edge 2019. :wink:

Stumble upon this here that look like a serious contender but it’s not yet release on the market and it mention that it is made specially for gaming but also for CAD work here both link for video and website ;

They mention that it is suppose to be release at the beginning of the new year.

I also use the MX ergo, since about 3 months ago.

I love it and my precision and efficacy is just as fast as the MX master it replaced.

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Using the MX Ergo as well at home and at work as well (controlling pc and console) … I’ve been using the logitech trackball for more than 20 years

Logitech are a strange bunch since so far they don’t have any big trackball in their product!