Anyone using a trackball with Blender?

Finally order same as you after considering negative reviews on kensington product lately.

I was really looking for ambidextrous model but after all the trackball itself can be use by both hand if i ever feel the need to rest my right arm a bit.

I also order this arm rest that got a big pad on it so i will put my small wacom intuos 5 on it.

I used and wore out a few 570s before getting the MX Ergo. I think the Ergo is sturdier but that could just be the batteries, magnets and metal plate. I have the “Plus” version that BestBuy (and I think Staples) sells which comes with a small wedge to increase the angle it sits at. I’ve been using it for about a year I think and overall I think it is more comfortable and doesn’t feel as cheap as the 570. I am hoping it is more durable as over the years I have gone through 3 or 4 570’s, usually due to microswitch death.

The big benefit of the thumb trackball in my book is the mouse has a scroll wheel as well. I’ve used other trackballs but prefer the 570 or MX Ergo for Blender. Has never given me an issue with my thumb and have probably used a thumb trackball exclusively for 8 or 9 years. Use it for gaming, blender, everything.

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I missed this thread. I was a long time user of the Microsoft Trackball Explorer for years and years. This year, though, one of the buttons broke beyond repair. I’ve been trying out the Elecom HUGE for a few months now and I’m generally pretty pleased with it. May even swap out my last remaining Trackball Explorer on my other machine.

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Ironically I started using trackballs back in 2000 , I say ironic because I used probably the first version of Blender, version 1, while now I use a mouse with it.

I never had an issue with trackballs, I used something like this

Much more precise and faster than a mouse.

Why I switched back to mouse ? Well fortunately my fears were proven wrong and never came close to RSI but I had issues with my shoulders which unfortunately the only thing that helped was rest and exercise. After 10 years I just forgot all about my trackball, I think I still have it around but overall I am ok with the mouse.

While it is nice having a scroll wheel, I can’t help but hate the wheel in the MX ergo. I got so spoiled by the free spinning weighted wheel on the MX master that using the old school style wheel feels like running in molasses. Where before I could flick the wheel and move literally thousands of lines at once, now I need to grind away at the wheel.

As a quick test, with one hearty flick on my MX ergo, i could scroll down 9 lines in an spreadsheet.
With my MX master, and the same flick, I moved over 7000 lines. I feel like reducing the amount of repetitive stress on my wrist is awesome, but it’s introducing a lot of repetitive stress on my wheel finger.

After years of using a regular mouse rsi strike me for the first time and i thought that switching to a tablet would fix my issue but then i was having tennis elbow and shoulder problem.

So my next logical peripheral device is one that avoid moving the arm.

Not an issue for me here since i scroll with my space navigator and in all my life i swear this is the absolute best device for scrolling web pages or any document it’s silky smooth and the further i pull it down or up it scroll at lighting speed.



These days, I find myself using the middle mouse hold-n-scroll method a lot more than I used to, since it’s actually a viable, controllable option with a trackball.

The only issue is finding a place to click, so you don’t accidentally open something up in a new tab.

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This is my first reply with the trackball! Just starting to get use to it and i quickly learn how to drag and drop and to double click and so far i really like the experience.

Modeling a few days will be the next test.


For me, learning to use model with it was probably the biggest hurdle I had to overcome while I was getting comfortable with my trackball. Everything else I grew accustomed to surprisingly quickly, but it felt off when I started using it with Blender, like I was doing everything left handed. You don’t realize just how much you’ve grown accustomed to rote and repetition until you do something to shake things up, and then everything gets all freaky weird on you.

I’d say it probably took me 3-4 days to start getting truly comfortable with it. Now, 4 months later, I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t want to use a trackball with it.

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I have been using a Kensington Export Mouse for quite sometime. This one looks like it has good design points but hard to tell without trying it.

This seems to be a better video about it.

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I did a test just to see if i could also use it with my left hand if ever feel the need and i can say that yes even if some buttons wont be accessible you still have 4 buttons easily accessible that i can program to any functions i want so even is this trackball is not ambidextrous you can still use it with left hand.

So far with my dual monitors setting i use the maximum dpi setting(1500) and i can easily cover both monitors easily.

Still using the same Logitech Magic Marbles (cos I’m a lefty) for over a decade on various Macs. One at home; one at office.

Big advantage is that the pref pane lets you assign lots of stuff to whichever button you prefer. I put Click Hold on one, and Double-Click on the other. They have saved my hands a lot of wear and tear.

Another nice thing about trackballs is that the mouse pointer doesn’t move when you click unless you want it to. No more gripping the mouse tightly, levering your hand against the desk, and trying to hold it all still while you click or drag something small on the screen.

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I agree it’s a lot less stressful than using a mouse and i am very please with the Elecom Huge since even if it is a right hand trackball i can still use it with left hand by configuring 2 buttons.

Currently i am using a mix of trackball, gyroscope controller and voice commands and i am getting good at it practicing every single day.

I’m considering picking one of those up myself. I still love my MX Ergo, but I can’t help but wonder if an index finger trackball might be more precise for those really fine adjustments.

M570 for me…works great most of the time…could use a larger one though…hand gets tired :0 sometimes

I haven’t gotten tired using mine yet, but I keep the sensitivity jacked up pretty high. If I can’t go from the left to the right side of my screen in a single swish, I get whiny.

Really, the biggest complaint I’ve had since getting my trackball doesn’t even have anything to do with the MX directly. Since it’s taller than my mouse, I have to pull it out from the desk a little more, which leaves me resting my wrist right on the edge of my keyboard tray. It starts hurting after awhile. I need to get one of those jelly rests.

I’ve tried using trackball when my hand had sign of carpal tunnel, it needs too much fingers and hand movement for my liking. Then I used SpacePilot for a few years until discovered Logitech G13 by accident. Too bad G13 is no longer in production, why Logitech?!

Make yourself a favor and get the one with a big ball since smaller balls were still hurting my hands but the big ball require very little movement to get across both of my screen.

Also i chose the Elecom for the unbeatable 10 programmable buttons.

Here a good review about it ;

That’d be the one I’d get. My only concern is that it’ll be too big to fit on desk tray, which is already taken up by my keyboard.

Really honestly, I think I need to get a new desk first.