anyone using an intel NUC Core i7 for rendering ( NUC7i7RYH ) ?

for my work i’m thinking about using anyone using an intel NUC Core i7 its not for Blender.
I was just looking for a powerfull barebone for some robotics, and i got supriced how afordable it has becomme
Its from intel and has aa quadcore 4ghz i7

*wrong model in titel i ment the nuc7i7 !

Honestly, if you want a very small but powerful package for rendering, I would wait for the Ryzen APU’s, assuming that they will be released later this year.

Its a 2C 4T CPU not a 4C

Cinebench r15 score of 352… around 650AUD, for that you could build a much more powerful headless node. 559AUD you can buy a i5 7500 8gb of ram, case powersupply and motherboard which will get you a cinebench r15 score of 617, nearly double the score.

sorry got the wrong model name, i meant i7 at 4ghz the NUC7i7BNH
i’m hoping to test it soon myself, i think i do a bmw speed test or so, before i’ll use it for its main task (not blender related)