Anyone using Blender on a Mac Pro?

Hi all,

I’m considering getting a Mac Pro for some Blender goodness. I’d be interested in any feedback from Mac Pro users about any hiccups or bonuses using it for Blender.

The price isn’t the concern. It’s the performance. I’m looking for a user’s insight on CUDA vs. OpenCL, multithreaded speed increases, Blender benchmarks, all that good stuff :slight_smile:


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I’ve used blender on my macs for about 8 years, no real difference in performance; i also run windows machines. I’ve noticed little or no difference in cuda speed when I have swapped graphics cards over but I don’t use gpu rendering so much anyway… Noticeable differences are more OS based, installing scripts en masse takes an extra step but is no biggie, I’ve found that it’s easier to set up a build environment is a little easier (I’ve tried on windows but never actually got a decent setup going). I mostly prefer working on the mac as I find it more productive for many OS tasks mainly because I find windows to be cluttered in comparison and that’s kind of how you should approach the choice, of you like OSX go with that but if cost is an issue windows boxes can be a little cheaper…

One last thing, my mac pro is mostly silent compared to most windows workstations I’ve owned or been near…

Works great.

Thanks Krupa, I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

I miss having a number pad on the side.