Anyone using Gimp on Windows?

Hi, i have a problem using Gimp on Windows (no, not the famous “How can use my tablet”).
It’s the Dynamic Text plugin. Some fonts appear ?rasterized? Well, like the text layer has not full opacity. Similar thing sometimes when copy selection and paste as new layer. Strange thing, hard to describe for me.
Any tips?


go buy photoshop.

HA HA HA just kidding gimp does some things better.

well i will try and re-create your problem now

are you at 100% zoom ??

if you are not that could be a problem, i have not had a problem in what i tried

Hmmmm gimp seems good for text!!!


Yes at 100% Zoom.
When using some fonts it looks dithered, like if i have my display at 256 colors(of course i don’t have). Strange thing.
Gimp rocks!
Well, some day this will be solved…


get a good program like photoshop/photopain/painter/etc. and then we can talk.

not all of us can afford such luxuries blendermax. besides, if he wanted PS, then if he has any smarts he will have got it anyway.

uhhhmmm… Have you seen Harry Potter??? Cause the guys seem that they prrefered Gimp (sorry film Gimp) to do some retouch in the frames, instead of Photoshop… And there are some other films too, where the same thing happened…

Photoshop is an excellent program… But Gimp is also… There are areas that Photoshop is uncompareable and others where Gimp can do a better job…

An example:

For every Photoshop plugin, there is a plugin that does the same job in Gimp… The difference is that most Photoshop plugins have the logic: “press o.k. and the job is done…”, while in Gimp you have the option to adjust the effects parameters… Now this is very good for experienced users… Because every time, Photoshop will just reproduce the same result… But in Gimp you can make miracles, with just the same plugin!!! This gives you more flexibility…

Also Gimp is much better than any other program, in the web content creation area…

It also has some video editing capabilities…

Oooohhhhh… and it’s free!!! :wink:

Giimp is vvveeeerrrryyyyy (not better than photoshop but equally…) good and I say this from experience, cause I use both programs…

All the rest programs (apart from Photoshop and Gimp…) are, well… I’m not allowed to say it!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Some time ago i decided that there is no need to use warez for hobby work at home. There is enough great software around.
I sure know photoshop, because i used it everyday in my job! So i can say that Gimp has all features you need for retouching/creating images. (Well, CMYK would be great, but i don’t really need this at home)
You count Photopaint to good programs. Well, your opinion…

Back to topic:
It seems that this dither effect is caused by font antialiasing.

Next one: It seems that i can’t use Type1 fonts :frowning:
(Really bad, cause most of my fonts are Type1)
Any tips?


I don’t think b-max was pushing you towards piracy, just towards purchasing.

In any case istigation to copyright infringment are one of the (few) things disallowed here. So…


Maybe i got it wrong. Sorry for that!


I just started using WinGimp again… The last time I tried it (long long time ago) it was just too unstable to work with. But now it appears to be a lot better, even fully useable. I’m kind of impressed (that’s very good coming from a total Photoshop loyalist :slight_smile:

The text-rendering department is another story… All I can say is that just like everything else I’ve seen that originally comes from Linux - text-handling just isn’t good enough…

So, flame me…

Yes, I use 1.2.4, and it seems quite stable.
What i like is, that you have to do some things by hand. So i had to remember some old PS tricks. Channel ops and so on. (Tip for everybody: Search the web for Kai Krauses Power tips. Really old, but basics everybody should know).
I don’t like one-click-effects, and gimp gives you total control.


True, true!

I’m in fact starting to like Gimp a lot. There are some things that I still couldn’t pull off anywhere else than in PS, but given some time (I mean, I’ve used PS on a daily basis for more than 3 years now) I think it could be a good replacement.

It still is better to use free, as in freedom blah blah, software than Adobe, right? And because of the rules set for my movie project (sig below), I am not allowed to use Photoshop anyway…

get a real OS, then we can talk.

No intention to flame you… :smiley:

It’s just that linux text handling seems to be very much improved lately… So this shouldn’t be of any worries to you…

Would you be interested to know that I managed to install (very easilly) all TTF fonts from my WindowsXP installation to linux??? And they are usable by Gimp ofcourse…

Haven’t encountered the problems DanieIP is reporting… Maybe his version of Gimp has some bug or something…

What’s your version DanielP??? If it’s not the latest I’d recomend to upgrade to the latest stable… Also maybe this is a bug that occurs only on Windows version… Care to try Linux??? :wink:


Linux is on the way, at least with next PC.
As said, GIMP version is 1.2.4. I read somewhere, that this version is not that stable. I have to look, think i have 1.2.3 somwhere lurking in the depth of my Dl folder…

Thanks folks


BTW: What has the actual Linux Gimp what WinGimp hasn’t (yet)? Also, is there vector drawing/ layout/ typesetting software for Linux? Useable? If yes, i think there’s no excuse for staying on windows…

Nothing really… but the problem is that when you want to port something from one platform to an other, sometimes you need to totally rewrite major parts of the code, from scratch!!! So that would explain some bugs in the windows version…

Also, is there vector drawing/ layout/ typesetting software for Linux? Useable? If yes, i think there’s no excuse for staying on windows…

About vector drawing software I only know about Dia (don’t remember the link, but it’s easy to find it…). Also Gimp’s Gfig plugin, gives you some of the power of a vector drawing program…

About layout/typesetting software… Well, you might want to take a look at: :wink:


Humpfh…? What’s up with this? I basically insulted Linux-related stuff back there.

Well, that TTF-stuff and major improvements in Linux font handling sounds very promising. What distro would you recommend, you suicidal madman?

“LyX lets you concentrate on writing, leaving details of visual layout to the software.”
Brrrr, sounds terrible… :wink:

Well, o.k. noone’s perfect… :wink:

Humpfh…? What’s up with this? I basically insulted Linux-related stuff back there. [/quote]

Well, you know me… I am a pacifist… I can not possibly hurt someone else… :smiley:

Well, that TTF-stuff and major improvements in Linux font handling sounds very promising. What distro would you recommend,

Well, if you wanna know what I did, well… I copied all the .ttf files from Windows XP to a folder in the linux partition… Then used a really neat little utility called “font installer” KDE has and… VOILA!!!

…MS TTF fonts on my linux machine!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Ready and usable!!!

Bill Gates would eat his hat, if he knew that!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

With font installer, I think you can install any type of fonts existing, in your p.c.

And kbd is very useful for keyboard switching… Allthough I prefer GRKbd, when I want to switch to Greek characters… And there is support for lots of other languages…

Arabian, Chinese, Hebrew… etc.

My distro is SUSE 8.0… But I think RedHat and Mandrake are very good… It’s your choice…

you suicidal madman?

Are you trying to flatter me??? :stuck_out_tongue:


linux seems to have some pretty good vecotr programs. “sketch” and “sodipodi” looked promising, both on sourceforge, but i haven’t used them vigorously.