Anyone using Quadro's in Blender?

Asking more about Blender 2.6, VeiwPort performance in Blender, not looking at cuda, cycles/renders ATM. Just VP.

Any luck with Kepler Quadros, like the K4000 or K5000? Feedback on getting a K600 for $150? just to see what Blender feels like on a Kepler Quadro. My main focus is single model modeling ATM.

Pretty much asking anyone currently using Blender 2.6 with a Quadro?


I run a quadro fx3700 with 512 vram. If you enable VBO and disable double sided on your mesh you can go up to a few milion faces easily. It’s also nice for runing antialiasing on the wireframe. I got 4x no problem on my wires.

If you do pro modeling you might want to get a 2gb k2000.

k4000 and k5000 are better for 3d parametric modeling with complex assembly.

blender does not benefit from pro quadro cards as much but they are usefull if you need 16bit depth color reproduction on pro monitors. I would argue that is reason alone for buying quadro or firepro instead of the consumer cards that are more gaming oriented.

Im currently running a single ASUS PB278Q on a GTX 650_Ti_Boost. Runs pretty smooth, but dose feel choppy I orbit and pan. I havent tried ​ disable double sided yet. My next GPU, Im wanting 2-4GB for this 1440p.

I’ve got a 780ti and two 660ti in the same rig, and I can tell you I was pulling my hair out last night working with slow viewport performance. It was a model with 4800 objects with about 4000 faces each (but they all shared the same mesh). Bounding box and even cycles preview were both orders of magnitude faster than wireframe even with vbo enabled and double sided disabled. The moral of the story is that you might have to use clever tricks to accomplish your modeling goals no matter what card you use.

Thx guys.

Ill at least look at the K2000, and maybe by then a Maxwell M4000/M2000. Knock on wood, Ive had less BS with this current GTX/Driver from my former GTX…

Do not discount AMD cards - they tend to run Blender’s viewport better than Nvidia (and better than Quadros in my experience). In solid mode I can run 1500 objects with a total polygon count of 12.5 million at 15fps full screen - and that is with 8x samples antialiasing turned on and at a resolution of 2560x1440. Check my sig below for hardware info.

My tests with the k2000 were quite disappointing to say the least. The only thing the Quadros did better were textured objects in textured mode.

I use a Quadro4000 at work and was not very impressed with the CUDA core count (for the price). They do work with Blender 2.6 series. But I would chose one of the nVidia game cards instead. You’ll need more cuda cores once you get into Cycles GPU rendering.