Anyone Using/Used Intel HD graphics 3000 on their i5 or i7 ?

I am thinking of upgrading my PC to an intel i5 2500k or may be i7 2600k processor…but won’t be buying any graphics card (have 560 ti in mind though).
Anyone who can tell me how the Open GL capacities of the intel HD 3000 on i5/i7 is? if you have or are using it please tell me. Blender uses Open GL to display view port.thus it becomes vital how it displays GLSL, textures,Faces(no. of faces ) and soon.

Also blender’s support for FFmpeg feature…will it benefit from intel i5

Also can i play games on it?

Games will be bad, my brother used minecraft on it and it was bad, just bad. No fun. I wasnt able to use blender with this card, on linux. I fortunately got another card, an Gt540m and thats awesome (I love cycles). I dont recommend to use this card. maybe it works, but now with cycles, you could as well just upgrade your graphics.
LG tillonius3002

Dont rely too much on my post. Its ju st my opinion.

UPDATE: I tested it, on linux it can display 24000 faces (subdivided sphere) more or less smooth, so, since linux is faster than windows, windows might onpy be able to display a few thousand faces. With my gt540m I can display 250000 smooth in shaded mode.

Only 24000 faces! that’s Bad but Even Surprising is the performance of 560 ti !! Wasn’t expecting that. I take your opinions seriously and do more study on that .Hope to See opinions of others too.

24000 on “material view”, you could as well use wireframe or solid mode, but thats no fun :wink:
I really recommend to buy a card with enough performance, cause if you have only 24000 faces, you have to find workarounds, and then you need more time to find these, than to modell or do whatever you are doing.

you are right. Will take the fun out of it. Forget sculpting! Forget Large Scenes.