Anyone wanna teach me? :-)

I have been trying so hard to learn Blender for about a year now and I am making NO PROGRESS whatsoever. I have attributed it to the fact that I can not learn by myself, but I need it taught to me by another human being. Reading tutorials help to an extent, but I constantly lose interest when it is very lengthy. I was just wondering if any experienced Blenderers out there could take some time to help me. I won’t be able to pay you much, if anything, but I’ll always remember the fact that you took the time out to help me. If anyone is interested, just PM me and I can give you my Skype SN so we can talk. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Let me ask you a question:

Do you enjoy Blendering?

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I have been trying so hard to learn Blender for about a year

try harder and longer

Not a good sign if your losing interest at this early stage, this is the fun time where you have no stressful deadlines or anything! :slight_smile:

I’ve been tinkering with Blender for about 2 years, but only about 9 months really trying to use it and in the grand scheme of things I still know next to nothing (metaphorically speaking lol). The road isn’t smooth going, lots of hard work and research and determination.

Don’t give up! The best advice i can give you is don’t be too strict with yourself. When I was starting I had in my head “I have to make something perfect” and found it hard to do stuff, I recommend just opening blender and modelling random shapes (while trying to make sure verts/faces etc line up and no errors). Also don’t be afraid to just mess about with textures and materials, add lights, fine tune things to see how the effects work.

There isn’t “one way” to go about anything, which is especially true in 3D art. Just remember its supposed to be FUN! </rant>

Try setting up a realy simple project.

Likie modeling an egg, and textureing it properly. Then once you’ve dont that animate it to roll off the edge of a table.

Do something, learning tutorials are boring, but make a project and learn what you need to know to get that project completed. So you have a goal and a need to learn.

I havent been using blender for long (6 months I would say…), but I can see myself getting better all the time.
How I see, the best method of learning is to just start doing somehting and try everything like, “oooh what this thing does, oh this is cool”
and modelling the hell outta yourself :smiley:

And if you run into problems, tons of tutorials and this forum surely helps :slight_smile:
so what Im trying to say is that just by doing you’ll get better…

Practise makes perfect, just do a small project (character head maybe?) and learn as you go, it worked for me when learning blender’s ui :wink:

I’ve been using blender coming on two years now, and I’m STILL not a brilliant CG artist. Best piece of advice is not to rank yourself on what other people have achieved, take inspiration from it by all means, but don’t look at another piece of artwork and say “I’ll never be able to do that.” Just do what you think you would like to try.

What’s also worth remembering is that you can’t always be good at everything. You can be brilliant at modelling but bad at everything else, focus on your strengths, use the help section in elysuin to work on your weaknesses and most importantly DON’T GIVE UP.

Well , I think when you say “…trying so hard to learn Blender…” you mean “hard to learn 3D” (think about it, and correct if Im wrong. Im assuming that you are quite newbie with 3D , sorry for that if Im wrong.)?

Hardest to learn is how 3D world acts and how things getting their shapes (This is very important part. Really, sounds simple but it isnt. I dont say that you undertand because you dont :)). Ask here if you wanna know, why we have to do this and that.

example: edgeloops etc. THIS IS IMPORTANT: you have to know what are you doing :slight_smile: so dont shame to ask, theres no stupid questions.

Dont worrie about blender (you will learn that easily), you have to read a lot’s of tutorials, no matter is it straight to blender or not.

Make a plan: Do you wanna learn animation or modelling? Start simple but keep “major” goal in your mind what you want achieve (to keep your motivation up). Most of people puts photorealistic head to their “major” goal (as I have). Make “tiny” goals in your journey that you can achive something what gives satisfied feeling.

Dont delete your pictures or animations in your HD if you dont like it, keep them and later you can see how much you have achived. When you said, “you dont get any progress”… truly I dont believe you… you just dont see it. Only thing what i believe is that you give up too late (as you said). I know , tutorials are sometimes very long and boring , but they will teach you a lot. If you get bored get smaller tutorial.

You dont even have to do those tutorials to learn, you can read them and learn. Most important thing what you have to learn is how 3D world acts and what rules are in there. Thats highway to master 3D and blender. That way isnt easy but with passion it gives you a lot! :slight_smile:

p.s If you didnt have strenght enough to read whole post , you may be in wrong field or Im just bad writer :wink:
p.s Sorry for my bad english, so i hope you did understand what i meant to say :slight_smile:

Thank you, 3dz. I read your whole post and I understand what you mean. I should take more time to learn Blender. I guess what is making it harder for me is the fact that I have been playing the game Second Life for about 3 years now. Their in-game modelling system is no where near as powerful as the tools in blender. Although I am one of the best modellers in Second Life’s Teen Grid, making the transition from that to Blender is hard. I have also recieved some PMs so I’m gonna check them out now =).

Yeah, grafting skills from one app to another is hard. I used to use Anim8or, another 3D app, before moving onto blender. Ruddy hell, it was hard. So you’re not alone in that respect…

Best advice I can give is just decide to make something and do it. Doesn’t matter what it is, just don’t do a tutorial. Ian