Anyone want a render? (NOT AN AD)

I recently got a dedicated server really cheap with a ton of GPU power(20TFLOPS 32bit)

The only caveat is, I need to use at least 10% of GPU on average, or they’ll kick me out

So, I’m thinking that I can render your blender files for free of charge, and use that GPU :slight_smile:
If anyone is interested, send an email to [email protected] or PM me(PMs may take a while to reply)

Also, if you have good quality human models(or anything I’d like), please send them too.

A cool way to get someone else’s work.

Not if he acknowledges that he is liable for any personal and/or financial damage should he not destroy the .blend file and the resulting image once he sends back the result.

As this guy is new and we know nothing about his ethics, this would be a good thing to ask.