Anyone want this?

Goood evening!

I was just playing with planes the other day and decided to make a sheet which could be used as a departure point for new ideas and experimentation.

Feeling inspired by the blender community, I’ve posted a jpg of the pdf here for anyone that wants it. It ISN’T a tutorial. It’s main purpose is to present one of the many basic principles of blender.

I hope to make more of these for my design class.

I have been using Cinema 4D, and am still stumbling around in blender, trying to work out how to some of the things that were relatively simple in C4D. I like blender’s interface. Nice n simple.


Hey, thanks [email protected], I think that this is a good visualizer for subdivision stuff. At least it gives you a small idea of what will happen! I printing it for reference material.

Thanks Again!

Glad u liked it:) .
You could have had the whole pdf if the forum would let me upload that kind of file.

I’m gonna do one of those on cubes, too.

cubes 4 nubes (oh dear!)

Here are the two missing pages of the pdf.


Some cool stuff right here- it’s easy to tell that you’ve used other 3d programs before. Thanks for the reference :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, Alden!

I’ll try and get some more of these posted soon.

Another jpg file for reference:)


Will you be posting this as a complete pdf?

Soory trooper. I can’t upload pdf files to the forum. This is also a work in progress, so I will be posting them on the fly. Hope u find them useful.

Yes very useful… in fact, may I have your permission to post them on another forum?

Yes, as long as you state where you got them from. Which forum is that? Is it a blender forum or a general 3d forum?

You canuse these sites to upload files: <-Sucks, but always works <- Never tried it, but it looks like it’s fine

Thanx Matey! When I have finished a number of these, then I’ll probably upload them as a single pdf to one of those sites. In the mean time…


Well [email protected] its actually a Gimp forum primarily. We have just expanded to include other Open Source as well like Blender, Wings 3D and so forth. These files will be a big help! I will credit it you and this forum as well.


Since you asked though, the forum can be found at I really do not want to be advertising here though.

Here is one on inner duplicates. Glad that someone has a use for these.


Fast frames:)


I really like what your doing, [email protected] I particularly like the way you explore what happens when you subdivide a triangle rather than mearly saying triangles are bad.

Thanx yogyog! I’m hoping to do some of these sheets on textures, too. But at the moment i’m just working on a few concerning simple modeling principles.

Wow it would be nice if you could get these added to the Blenderwiki

I liked it and looked over it for a nice while. I’m newish to blender so it’s great to have something like this before I go subsurfing all over the grid!