Anyone want to help make a game?

hey all i was just wondering if anyone wanted to help make a game the more people the better i need some good modeler’s though because im not good at that so ifn anyone is interested then please let me konow and if you have msn them please add me to your addy’s list at [email protected] thnx in advance 8)

show some of yor work, that would get people more instred :slight_smile:

well the reason i want to work with some other people is because this is my first game and i need some assistance. So i have no work.

ok. i cant join you sorry, i got my own projects at the moment…
But im shure someone wants… some other people asked about something like this a little back…

Some concepts would be nice if you want to get anyone interested. A storyline, style of gameplay, intended features, etc.

We’ve had many people in the past coming here saying this exact same thing, then they’re never heard of again. You should have a very clear and concise concept of your game before you start on it, especially if you intend to work with others.

I’m tied up developing Vertigo at the moment, but I wish you luck with your first project :wink:

so what are you good at if not modeling?
i would help out, you just need to post what the games about
your level of comitment to the project (how much time can you devote yourself to the project etc.)
people dont want to join a team if the project sudenlly desintegrates
for lack of comitment or vision…

I think I’m interested. Just finished current moddeling project.

what have you got in mind?

PS. i’m very new, but i have previous programming experience and i’m not doing anything at the moment