Anyone want to help with a project?


I’m trying to make a short film, but my blender skills are nowhere near good enough.

If you have some free time to help, that’d be great. I can also pay about £100-150 for your work and effort.

It’ll be about 2-3 minutes long

If you can animate by yourself, that’d be a big advantage .

If you’re interested, send me a message or message me on [email protected]

For what do you need it? Will the who help you with this project be mentioned (credits)?

Could need some more information what you want (setting, type of the film, concept …)

So would qe have to do? Animation and modeling?
What could you do?

I’m doing this for a personal project, trying to build up a portfolio
Yep, credit will be due

More information will be given once I find someone on board who is willing to help, I’ll send a script over.

And I’m still really new to blender, so my participation, if any, may not be up to par unfortunately.

The participant would have to animate and model, but in any spare time…there’s no deadline for this