Anyone want to make cartoons?

I like it, and would agree with Andre. Captain, I know you said you prefer to do photo real work, but there are a couple of good reason’s why cartoonish characters are better.

  1. The more real a character looks, the more realistic it has to move. Spot on movement is extremly difficult, people are (subconciously) more forgiving the more cartoonish the character.

  2. Which is similar. Extreme actions and situations play better on cartoon characters. While it may be funny to see a photo real person eye’s get unnaturally big, it still feels unatural and thus is less effective. Or, dropping a building on a real human being just does not seem as funny as dropping one on a cartoon human being. Our unconcious mind will always empathize with real people, so some of the humor is lost.

We can always model sets extremely close (but not spot on) and add realistic elements to characters (like fur and liver spots.)

Yes i agree I don’t want perfect realism, I emailed andre last night (and i did say last night on the other thread were using his design) and what I want is to have his style but I also want fur and more of a stylized realism basically where we can put fur and sss on a character.

If you too cartoony then you need cartoony backgrounds to match, we definitely need to see what he can do in the ways of a more realism while maintaining that style (first he needs to get back to me though)

interesting…as for ur hole, try Alt+H.

i would try it but that monkeys long gone it was more then just a hole though, I couldn’t load drivers bones were disappearing, but only in that one file, wacky stuff. Thank you though :smiley: