Anyone want to try my android game?

Hey everyone, I use to hang around here a lot a few years ago in the game dev area. if you remember me, SAY HI!

anyways, ive been studying computer science, and have gotten really into android development. I decided to code up a game called Word Circle, its is comparable to words with friends or draw something style wise.

I am having a really difficult time getting a user-base started, and this is a game that needs users to make users.
Its free with minimal ad support. (will have an ad-free version with time)
My username in game is “gh123man” (without quotes).

I am currently working on a random story mode, to hopeful make it more fun for new users.
I really miss this forum.

play store link :

It looks like a fun game to play, but to it to work properly you need a lot of people, maybe you could ask other devs how they got users (draw something?). If I had Android I’d definatley get it to see what it’s like, at least your ratings are good? :slight_smile:

ha i knew i could count on someone from ba to actually respond :stuck_out_tongue: my new home of XDA can be a bit rough at times :confused: anyways. yeah, i wish i had more people to ask. thanks for showing interest though. my general response has been great so far. most of those ratings came from a post i did in that helped a lot, but sadly most of the people that played that day have stoped due to lack of users. sadly i dont have much pull in the social world to spread the word, nor do i know anyone who can lol. next step. youtube video. my channel is the biggest user-base i personally have at the moment.