Anyone watch magic shows?

There’s this weekly show on MyTV called Masters of Illusion, Impossible Magic, and the tricks just blow you away.

-Birds, cards, big cards, and even an entire large flag with a pole created from the magician’s hand.
-A duck going from stage to a barrel someone’s holding, that same duck turning into a women with no tarp over the cage
-A Women compressed down to a small box
-People seemingly turned into animals only to have the person pop up somewhere else
-People and animals disappearing with no obvious explanation
-The Sphinx disappearing
-Objects turning into other objects.
-A cage lit on fire with the magician in it (his hands were sticking out), only to disappear

Watch any magic shows in your area?

Watch this…
Do you see the card in my hand?
I will wave it and it will go away.
Do you even remember what it was?
I’ll give you a cookie if you do!

Seen this one?

I know how they make the sphnix disappear - once the statue of liberty was made to disappear too. I know how this was done!

But they shined lasers through where the sphinx was and they didn’t intersect anything:eek:

Magic is heretic, they should burn! :wink:

Seriously, here’s the video of the vanishing statue of liberty:


this explains the statue of liberty i found in my backyard. i was wondering about that.

criss angel is pretty good

I saw David here at the Foxx theatre, within an arm’s length. He came into the audience and did hand magic. Absolutely amazing.

I’ve seen him, he’s quite good and can do magic anywhere, he’s done things like levitating, walking between two buildings in the air.

Only thing is he looks like he’s slightly disturbed in his mind.